Members' Comments

  • Intro

    AIM for higher profits…. With AIM distributors get special pricing directly from the top industry suppliers! Business as usual with special group pricing, that's the AIM difference!

  • Saved $360

    "We saved about $360 on our first order using a partner... certainly seems worthwhile at this point." - Chris P

  • Best decisions I have made

    "I am so happy to be apart of AIM. It was literally one of the best decisions I have made for my business in quite some time...finally I don't feel like I am on a deserted island! "  - Desiree

  • Competing

    "AIM has evolved into my “Go To list” of suppliers. The pricing savings provide to AIM members has made the difference when competing with other organizations on client projects. AIM also provides instant credibility and peace of mind with our larger clients because they know we are managing our supply chain and providing superior pricing on their projects." - Frank B

  • First on my radar

    "For years I've had regular column and have to look for coupons to compete with others to get an order. Since AIM I have my AIM 'Preferred' Vendors on ESP Online so that AIM Partners are the first on my radar to quote clients from. Business has increased and I am confident in the vendors in this group." - Sara B

  • Switched suppliers

    "We switched suppliers to Glass America, Prime line, Gold Bond and Garyline because of the partnership. We’ve also done more with American Greenwood, Jetline, Evans and Tagmaster because of AIM." - Mike C

  • AIM is an amazing value

    "AIM has been a terrific asset to us. We have been able to jump start relationships with some suppliers that would have taken longer to build otherwise. AIM is an amazing value for the membership fee. The savings far far outweight the cost." - Jay D

  • Add extra profit

    "Really glad I found out about this group! I've been able to add extra profit to the bottom line and been able to secure orders when I knew I was in a competitve pricing situation" - Jim F.

  • Tremendous impact

    "AIM has made a tremendous impact on my business and my profits!" - Karen B

  • Essential partner

    "I have found AIM to be an essential partner for my business. They provide us with access to the best suppliers with a great service history. I have no reservations in working with any of the suppliers that are part of the AIM family."  - Liane G

  • Exclusively

    "Since joining AIM 14 months ago, we are using our AIM partners almost exclusively." - Kim S

  • Best suppliers in the industry

    "AIM is great! Partnering with the best suppliers in the industry to provide them with bigger sales figures and preferred pricing for the distributors makes perfect sense." - Rick H

  • Beyond the special pricing

    "The benefits of our AIM membership extend beyond the special pricing from the supplier members. We utilize the art vectoring service regularly and find it to be very fast and affordable. We also find that AIM provides useful industry information which helps us run our business better." - Avery M

  • Group of peers

    "AIM membership has helped me with ideas from other distributors, and with automatic lower prices from vendors. Membership pays for itself several times a year, minimum. I love having a group of peers we can go to with problems, asking for advice and creative solutions. With many advisers plans have a much better chance for success." - Tim M

  • Meetings at major tradeshows

    "Every year we have saved way more than the cost of membership. Jamie shows that he cares about his members. He sets up meetings at major tradeshows for all of us to get to know each other and have a room for comfort. Jamie listens when you have a suggestion as to a new vendor. During the major shows, he is walking the floor looking out for us and meeting with partners. Best money you will ever spend." - Ann W

  • Best rated suppliers

    "AIM is an association that has a partnership with the best rated suppliers in the industry. I do a lot of business with Hit and Prime Line to mention a few.  AIM keeps abreast of what is going on in the industry focusing on great ideas, and help for its membership. Its founder is a source of helpful information." - Shirley M

  • Aimlessly

    You won't ever want to wander around AIM-lessly again!….
    The total profit from a single order paid for my AIM annual membership 3 times over,
    including extra profits using the AIM shipping discounts."

"I wanted to drop you a note. In my previous career as Vice President with the largest packaging distributor in the US, I was exposed to every type and level of customer service one could imagine. In the short amount of time we have been a member of AIM, I can tell you without reservation, this is the best experieince I have had with regard to support, advocacy, and programs. AIM is an invaluable resource for independent distributors, for idea generation and developing your business internally and with customers. The programs with top suppliers and industry services that have been developed are excellent. A Big THANK YOU!"  -- JP

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